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Looking for a Sign

I have already expressed my interest in writing and completing a book, but I haven’t gotten into the details. To be honest, there isn’t much right now. That will definitely change over time but for now it’s just the main concept that I have.

And ‘Looking for a Sign’ is my working title. The phrase popped into my head last night so I thought to myself, “Hm, I think I can work with this.” It’s a pretty common phrase, as well as a common occurence, so I figured that if I developed a story around this (somewhat) superstition, it would speak more to people.

I’ve always wanted to write about full on mental health such as depression or anxiety, but I soon realised that I would never be able to do it justice. I just simply don’t have the resources, the people to interview, things that would make it genuine as possible. Therefore, for now I’m sticking first to what I know best; finding yourself or at least trying to. With some possible romance because why not? Not that I have experience with the latter, but I have dabbled in the former.

So what is my idea with ‘Looking for a Sign’? If you think about it, it’s centered on hope. I love the idea of hope. To me, hope is in essence your own mind telling you not to give up. It’s a subconscious way to tell yourself that you should move forward. Usually, people in books/movies/real life base their decisions, very big ones, on a sign. An occurrence so that they are comforted in the knowledge that they are on the right track.

So what I had in mind was the idea of a girl who lives to look for signs. She believes in the relevance of signs in life, makes drastic decisions from them. Eventually this does not go well, she falls on hard times. She starts questioning everything she ever believed. I said that I didn’t want to write about mental health but I wanted to write about her wanting to end it all, but she finds the ultimate sign. I’m not yet sure what will compel her to find one last sign , but she does. And she’ll find it in a person. I think finding a sign in a person could be a pretty rare occurrence, so that happens. And how is s/he the sign? I’m pushing towards this: the character’s name will be ___ Sign. The ultimate sign. Maybe you picked up on that with the title, with the capital on the word ‘Sign’. It provides a double meaning, it gives some mystery, and yes it’s kind of cheesy oops 🙂 But I like what I have so far.

I don’t look for signs in my life, but I know about having immense hope. So that’s what I think I can write about in a comfortable, genuine, sincere manner. I think the premise is catching enough for people to want to give the book a try, so that’s what I am counting on, that’s what I’m hoping for if you will. I hope it goes well, and I hope the direction of the story comes to me over time. Here’s to hoping that it does.

Finally, I figured that I’ll implement an accompanying song to each blog post. It was something I used to do in my old blog, along with an accompanying quote of the day, but I’m more into songs these past few years. Consider it my now-and-again song recommendation. 😉


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